The One Micronesia Campaign

UPDATE 3.29.2012 Our Facebook Fan Page launches custom tabs!
Our FB fan site now has custom tabs for our Website & Blogs, our web series Into the Islands, our shop for branded gear, and a Travel Links page which features our sponsors.

UPDATE 3.20.2012 Web Partner Banners available now!
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UPDATE 3.19.2012 One Micronesia Facebook Page launches!

UPDATE 3.17.2012 On March 15, 2012, the Micronesia Challenge gang launched the One Micronesia campaign, a region-wide awareness and fundraising campaign that supports our work.

Part of the One Micronesia team at the launch of the 
One Micronesia Campaign at the 17th MCES, Guam.
(l-r) Trina Leberer, TNC, Dan Ho, MII, Fran Castro, CNMI,  Jihan Buniag, CNMI,
Christine Camacho, GCMP, Vangie Lujan, GCMP
But we're not stopping with just the islands. We're hitting the web and are gearing up to make it easy for your organization to help us (and each other) further the cause of conservation. So in April 2020, we'll be launching an easy web partnership program where we can share our audience with easy partnership offers and banner links.

 So stay tuned!

 And thank you, again, for supporting The Micronesia Challenge.

Kommol Tata, Kammagar, Kalangan, Sulang, Kulo, Kinisou, Si Yu'os Maase!