Yap's Young Champion Blogs: Water Works in the Nimpal Channel

YAP: Water Works in the Nimpal Channel
April 12, 2012, COLONIA,YAP

"Bravo" pickup...
It has been a busy start in the new year of 2012. Nimpal Channel MCA has gone into a lot of works with Water Quality monitoring with technical support provided by Dr. Peter Houk and Dr. Yimnang Golbuw, and the Yap State EPA. Conservation and the whole science aspect of it is a fairly new idea in Yap and to effectively conserve we must learn the science and methods and incorporate it with our traditional knowledge. When the Nimpal Channel MCA first sprouting as a no-take zone, new studies and science has brought to the attention of the community the need to further monitor not only the no-take zone, but also adjacent areas and other elements such as water quality, current flows, etc.

And so begins our Water works.

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