KOSRAE: Communications Planning Workshop ends successfully on Friday, June 22, 2012.

"It was a long week with in-depth discussions about how to best communicate the Micronesia Challenge in Kosrae, but it was worth it," says Marston Luckymis, Marine Monitoring Manager at KCSO, and local MC Communications Focal Point.  For 4 days beginning June 19, the communications team brainstormed and formulated a plan that was scrutinized and agreed upon on June 22.  To celebrate, the Kosrae Women's Club catered a lunch that included reef fish, lobster, breadfruit and many examples of the famous baked goods of Kosrae.

"We wish to thank Micronesian Image Institute and TNC for their support in facilitating this workshop," says Andy George, director of KCSO.  "We look forward to executing our strategy in the upcoming months."

Congratulations, Team Kosrae!  Kulo!