11.01.12 GUAM Second Pig Derby & Cook-Off Announced

Pig Derby & Pork in the Park Cook-Off II to be held December 1, 2 & 9, 2012. 
       After a successful first event in April of this year, the Guam Coastal Management Program and Guam Department of Agriculture are organizing a second Pig Derby and Cook-Off to be held in December.
    "The April event was so successful, with over 70 hunters participating that we decided to organize a second one this year. In addition, over 300 people attended the first Cook-Off where amazing recipes were created and enjoyed by the judges and the public," says coordinator Christine Camacho of GCMP.

 Official Guam Pig Derby Logo

   The goal of the derby and the cook-off is to raise awareness of the overpopulation of the wild boar, known as the bakalu in Chamorro, which destroys native forest habitats. This then results in the washing of topsoil into the rivers and onto the nearshore marine environment. It also aims to create a regular place for wild boar in the local BBQ repertoire to encourage a regular demand for the balaku.
    "We hope that by moving it to December we can create a kick-off event for the holiday season that hunters and lovers of BBQ can enjoy in the years to come," says Christine.  "Based on the many requests we've had from hunters to hold another derby, we're confident this second event will be even better and more effective at generating awareness."
    For more information, contact Christine at christine.camacho@bsp.guam.gov.