01.02.13 Calling All Writers.

     Writers are invited to submit chapters for consideration in the third of a series of books on Guam history perspectives.  See the first two for detailed guidance:
     Carter, Lee D, et al, eds, Guam History: Perspectives, v. one, l997 (second printing, l998),  U of Guam; Mangilao, GU 96923.  The second book has the same editors, same title but includes v. two designation, and same publisher but in 2005.
Editors and reviewers are working with authors of eight chapters so far (October 2012).   Because 16 to 18 chapters will be used, there is still time and space for more participation from this midpoint.  Flexibility is possible including deadlines and length.
     Comprehensive history is not attempted.  Instead, many topics and perspectives are welcome.  Such new chapters are accessible to lay readers as well as academics to enrich comprehensive coverage provided elsewhere
     "Perspectives" seeks to serve both academic and interested lay writers/readers.  All are invited.  This does not mean "writing down."  Instead, quality and clarity are encouraged rather than stump-the-reader exercises.  If some jargon is needed, writers must first explain it clearly and minimize it thereafter.   
     Send correspondence and chapters to Lee D. Carter, Ph.D.; PO Box 322; Hagatna, GU 96932.