09.09.13 GUAM The 2013 Guam SECORE Project

FROM Saving our Micronesia Blog.  Click here for full post by Roxanna Miller.

An exciting new project is beginning on Guam!  The SECORE foundation was recently on Guam conducting a 10-day coral reproduction workshop with participants from all over the world.  SECORE (which stands for SExual COral REprodution) was started in 2002 by Dr. Dirk Petersen in the Netherlands.  Since 2002, SECORE has been established in the U.S. and become one of the leading coral conservation initiatives to involve research scientists, aquarium professionals, and local stakeholders from around the world.  SECORE specializes in the use of sexual coral recruits for reef restoration and conducts  workshops and projects at several research centers and aquariums around the world, and has now completed their first workshop in Guam.  As SECORE expands its collaborator pool, so expands the opportunities for coral reef conservation and restoration, and now Guam is part of these conservation efforts.

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Photo taken by Paul Selvaggio. The coral Acropora humils spawns in the lab.