09.19.13 New Publication about Monitoring Social Impacts of the Micronesia Challenge

A document entitled Indicators for Monitoring Social Impacts of the Micronesia Challenge:  An Addendum to SEM-Pasifika Regional Socioeconomic Monitoring Guidelines was recently released by the Micronesia Challenge partners. This document has been developed to serve the Micronesia Challenge community and to be used in conjunction with the larger SEM-Pasifika guide.  These indicators are not intended to stand alone, rather they are meant to be incorporated into the socioeconomic monitoring efforts taking place throughout the region. 

This document is a result of the First MC Socioeconomic Workshop, held in Palau in August 2012.  At this meeting representatives from all of the MC jurisdictions came together to identify a common set of indicators that each jurisdiction can monitor.  These indicators focus on the aspects of human wellbeing that the participants agreed on as being most important for the Micronesia Challenge and the processes that are relevant to achieving them.

We will be launching this guide at an upcoming SEM-Pasifika workshop being held in Kosrae 23-27 September.  As is indicated on the cover, this is the "first draft for public circulation and field testing" and anyone making use of this guide is asked to provide feedback.  Please send any comments, feedback or questions to sciencecom@pacmares.com