07.04.14 FSM Congress Recognized for Climate Change Adaptation

Photo: Kaselehie Press
POHNPEI, FSM (Kaselehlie Press, July 1, 2014) – The FSM was awarded a Globe award for its Climate Change legislation during a meeting of more than 70 parliaments and houses of Congress in Mexico City. On June 6-8, Sens. Yosiwo George, David W. Panuelo, and Berney Martin represented the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia at the GLOBE International World Summit of Legislators in Mexico City. Globe International or the Global Legislators Organization is a non-profit political organization that seeks to advance law on climate change, national capital accounting, and forests. During the 2nd World Summit of Legislators meeting, Panuelo co-chaired a parallel session with a legislator from Bangladesh. The session addressed Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. At the end of the summit two awards were presented for efforts on climate change policy and adaptation. The FSM Congress received recognition for the Climate Change Act it passed late last year. Senator Panuelo had the honor of receiving the award on behalf of the 18th FSM Congress at which time he thanked the Summit of World Legislators and the Globe International Secretariat for the award. “While the FSM is the only recipient country for such an award, the significance of the award is that it reflects the collective leadership of world legislators in the fight against climate change,” he told the gathered legislators.