03.03.13 SAIPAN CNMI Micronesia Challenge Team's Communications Workshop February 29, 2013

The CNMI Micronesia Challenge Communications Working Group held their inaugural meeting on Feb 28, 2013, at the Division of Environmental Quality.  Fifteen participants representing eight agencies and organizations, came together to design a communications campaign to promote the Micronesia Challenge within the CNMI. The participants identified key audiences, messaging, and outreach activities and events. Audiences identified were Key Influencers, Agencies/NGOs, Community Groups, and Media.  The group also determined the key messaging for all audiences would be "The Land and Sea are the Pride of our Culture,"  in Chamorro: "I tano yan I tasi I minagof kutura'ta," and in Carolinan/Refaluwasch: "Falúúw me sáát nge angolongolul kkosch." The working group decided that this would be the core message across all branding of the MC in the CNMI, but continued to define more detailed messaging for the identified audiences. The team also discussed various outreach strategies and events to promote the MC across the CNMI. All attendees were excited to participate in the workshop, and have all committed to forming the core membership of the CNMI Micronesia Challenge Communications Working Group. The CNMI MC Communications Working Group will hold regular meetings, and have representation at the monthly Education and Outreach Working Group.  The full plan will be circulated in the coming weeks.