05.24.13 GUAM: The Humåtak Project

May 24, 2013, Guam, posted by Roxanna Miller

Back in November 2012 the Micronesia Challenge posted a short article about the Humåtak Project. This project is a community effort working to revive Guam’s watersheds, coral reefs, and fisheries using watershed restoration activities.  The project began in 2002 after local fisherman noticed a decline  in fish catch, which they attributed to excessive sedimentation on the reef.  The goals of the project are to: 1) build awareness of environmental issues through educational and community outreach, 2) treat sources of sedimentation by implementing erosion control practices, and 3) improve the science of mitigating for impacts to coral reefs and other aquatic resources by monitoring changes in sedimentation rates and coral reef health.

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