06.01.13 KOSRAE: MPA Management Effectiveness Evaluation

EXCERPT from KCSO's 2013 First Quarter Newsletter: MPA Management Effectiveness Evaluation Conducted. Contributed by KCSO.
    KCSO and its partners conducted the MPA management effectiveness evaluation for Tafunsak Marine Protected Area on February 28, 2013. The involvement and participation from the Tafunsak Resource Management Committee and the Tafunsak councilmen enabled the completion of this evaluation.
    Although the mayor was not present during the meeting, the chairman of the council welcomed the KCSO and its partners and expressed their appreciation for having the MPA evaluation for the TMPA. He stated that this may be the first time for their MPA to be evaluated and it should be very helpful for them to focus on where improvements are needed in their current MPA management. Therefore, he appealed to the resource management committee to fully act upon the evaluation and provide adequate information that will best suit the management level of the site. He also requested KCSO to convey his deepest appreciation to The Nature Conservancy for providing the MPAME tool to be used during this evaluation.
    Prior to the beginning of the evaluation, KCSO was asked to detail the MPAME tool and if possible to share some activities being undertaken at other sites to complete the evaluation. After the specifications were given out by KCSO, they agreed that the RMC chairman would assign each person to focus on each category. However, the first two categories were filled out by everyone as a group in order to give them the main ideas of the evaluation. After this exercise, each person focused directly on their assigned category and reported each finding to the group for further discussions and comments.
    As a result of the Tafunsak MPA evaluation, the group consented to all findings as the most suitable for their current management level at the site. 
TMPA Evaluation Outcomes, February 28, 2013.
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