07.18.13 PICRC's research on Teleleu Conservation Area published

PICRC Researcher Victor Nestor
Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) researchers distributed a report on the effectiveness of the Teluleu Conservation Area, located in Peleliu State, to the Governor of Peleliu, Mr. Temmy L. Shmull, and other stakeholders Friday, July 6, 2013, on-going study that was initiated with the primary goal to improve conservation of Palau’s unique marine resources, via adaptive management.

The research team assessed the status of key food fishes, such as humphead wrasse (ngimer, maml), bumphead parrotfish (berdebed, kemedukl), hawksbill turtle(ngasech), sea cucumbers (ngimes and eremrum), and seagrasses within the Teluleu CA compared to unprotected reference sites. Data analysis showed that fish density (amount of fish) and biomass (size of fish)were both significantly higher inside Teluleu Conservation Area compared with the unprotected reference site. According to Researcher Victor Nestor, the lead author of the report, “It is rewarding to see that the CA is working and that important fish species are thriving in the Teluleu CA.  I hope that our work will help guide decision-making for Teluleu, so that it will continue to have abundant resources”

The full report is available to the public online at www.picrc.org/research/publications. The report is intended to guide management on what is working and what is not, so that investments in MPAs will succeed in achieving their desired objectives.

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